From Packhorse to Pavement
Alder Flats Community Agricultural Society

The 2017 Race Meet is back once again for the 51st year! 

It all got started in 1967 with the centennial celebrations and we carry on the tradition of horse racing, kids events, and family events because it is so much fun. 

ENTRIES are open Call Angie at (780) 621-3575

Some event entries are capped, enter early and don't be disappointed!

Friday, May 26 only ...

WILD PONY RACE will open the rodeo on Friday May 26 at 6:30 p.m. Teams of 3 youth aged 7 to 12 can enter for $75 and compete for the glory with a cash payout and buckles to the winning team. Helmets and Vests are required (must supply own). Entries capped at 8 teams

Saturday May 27 Race Meet Events ...

LADIES BLOOMER CALF RACE A team of three lovely ladies competes with a calf, a rope, and the bloomers. Fastest calf wearing its bloomers across the finish line wins! Team entry fee $75 

TROT AND RUN HORSE RACE Bring your steed for a two lap race of the track with all racers running together. The first lap at a trot and the second a dead run! Individual entry fee $25

3/8 MILE HORSE RACE A fast track lap with all racers running together. Individual entry fee $25

PONY EXPRESS RELAY HORSE RACE Team of two racers and their steeds each run one fast lap carrying the mail bag. We limit teams per heat for safety. This is our signature race! It's a lot shorter than the 1967 version that was 12 miles long ... Team entry fee $50

MIGHTY MITE GOAT TAIL TYING The kids (8 & under) bring their steed, carry their ribbon, and ride at any gait (or be led) to join the Goat at the far end of the arena. There they dismount and tie the ribbon on the goats's tail. The fastest racer wins the Buckle. Family fun at its finest. No fee to enter. Entries capped at 20

CALF SCRAMBLE The kids (8 & under) run on foot to a crowd of calves ... the first one back with the biggest piece of ribbon wins the Buckle. No fee to enter. Entries capped at 20

If entries are not full prior to May 27, additional entries will be taken in person at the rodeo office until Intermission